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Welcome to Fertile Life. Our clinic is devoted to providing treatment and training
programs for fertility and pregnancy and birth support.




Our Fertility Acupuncturists have been treating in Infertility & Women’s Health with Chinese Medicine for over 15 years and have helped THOUSANDS of IVF and natural fertility patients achieve pregnancy with our Fertile Life Program.


We look forward to be part or your journey towards parenthood, whether through natural conception or IVF. We can offer you all the help and support you may need establishing a healthy pregnancy.

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  • The Fertile Life Method

    THE FERTILE LIFE PROGRAM was designed by Kirsten Wolfe who has successfully been treating fertility for over 15 years from her unique knowledge and experience.
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  • Acupuncture & Fertility

    A standard definition of infertility is: “failure to achieve conception after a year or more of regular sexual activity with no contraceptive use.” Infertility is also the inability to carry a pregnancy to full term.
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  • Acupuncture & IVF

    TCM has been used as a successful adjunct to IVF, GIFT, IUI, ICSI, ART procedures to increase pregnancy outcomes. The success rates for in-vitro when used in conjunction with Chinese Medicine increases the likelihood of conception.
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  • Men’s Reproductive Health

    In 40-45% of cases male infertility is found to be involved in fertility issues, Women have become accustomed to seeking help for fertility, where as men aren’t catered for so well.
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  • NLP & Fertility

    For some woman getting pregnant is simply not as easy as it is for others. For many couples there are no medical reasons why they should not conceive naturally but it still feels as though something is in the way.
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  • Pregnancy & Birth

    Having a healthy child does not stop at conception. Receiving the proper support during pregnancy can help to minimize recurrent miscarriages as well as other complications.
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