I would like to take the opportunity to personally thank you for choosing to attend the  Abundant Acupuncture Business 6 month group coaching

I am very excited at the prospect of working closely with you over the course of the training and assisting you to achieve your desired outcomes.

Course Schedule

The dates are;Feb:  Tuesday 9th–  9:30am – 11am AEST

          Wednesday 24th –  7.30pm-9pm AESTMarch: Tuesday 9th 9:30am – 11am AEST          Wednesday 24th  7.00pm-8.30pm AESTApril: Tuesday 6th 9:30am – 11am AEST          Wednesday 21st – 7.30pm-9pm AEST

May: Tuesday 4th 9:30am – 11am AEST          Wednesday 19th  7pm-8.30pm AEST

June: Tuesday 1st  9:30am – 11am AEST          Wednesday  16th 7.30pm-9pm AEST

July:  Tuesday (29th JUNE)  9:30am – 11am AEST          Wednesday 14th  7pm-8.30pm AEST


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 827 0636 6628

Passcode: 009347

What to bring

Some water to keep yourself refreshed.A notebook and pen if you wish to take notes.

Bring a beginners mind and a sense of curiosity – be an empty cup, and a willingness to explore the light and shade in us all.Some pro tips for showing up and getting the most out of each session:Free yourself of any distractions in your environmentBe open, willing and available for the learnings on offerAsk lots of questionsShare your experience : Share your discoveries, insights and challenges. Patience – technology is wonderful…when it works! There may or may not be the odd technical hiccup. We will roll with it in the moment like the troopers we are!It’s a great idea to do a test run with your tech gear prior to the session. Make sure your video and audio are working within zoom andthat you are familiar with the zoom interface and features.One of the things that makes the biggest difference in how much value you can get from this kind of mentoring is to apply everything you learn in the real world as soon and as often as possible.I can’t wait to work with you. We have a great group forming and I think this will make a for a deeply insightful and impactful time together.

What if I have other questions that haven’t yet been answered?

If you have any further questions then please feel free to email me at contact@fertilelife.com.au

I thoroughly look forward to seeing you in Feb while we explore everything business & abundance, we will work together to unlock your potential to achieve great things!

Warm regards,

Kirsten Wolfe