belly bwOffering a safe, effective and drug free treatment option during pregnancy

Having a healthy child does not stop at conception. Receiving the proper support during pregnancy can help to minimize recurrent miscarriages as well as other complications. Preparing for the time when you become pregnant and having the right physical and emotional treatment and support structure will further promote your full term healthy pregnancy. Your practitioner can formulate a pregnancy plan for you once you have conceived.

Acupuncture is an integral component of Chinese Medicine (CM), a wholistic system of healthcare continually practiced and developed throughout Asia for many thousands of years. Chinese medicine has developed specialised treatment for women in promoting fertility, pregnancy care and postpartum recovery. Today CM care is become increasingly valued in Australia, as it is in New Zealand, England, Germany and France where acupuncture is available in specialised antenatal clinics and maternity hospitals.

Pregnancy, child birth and postnatal recovery are viewed in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a window of opportunity to enhance and support the woman’s wellbeing. Conversely if adequate care is not taken the resulting problems may continue long after birth. Value is therefore placed on offering preventive care to strengthen the mother and baby as well as dealing with problems as they occur during pregnancy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine offers a safe, effective alternative for treatment of pain and discomfort during pregnancy and a great alternative to western medicine drugs. Moreover, it provides an excellent compliment to midwifery, doula, and obstetrical care.

Acupuncture for pregnancy related conditions:

The severity of symptoms in the pregnant woman often reflects the health and lifestyle choices of the woman before getting pregnant.

Acupuncture can provide relief throughout the various stages of pregnancy. Regular acupuncture treatments throughout pregnancy enhance the health of the mother, prevent complications and positively influence the health of the baby.

Initially Acupuncture is recommended weekly for the first 12 weeks and then once a month to ensure the optimal health of the mother and the developing fetus. More frequent visits may be needed if you have any complications during your pregnancy. We then recommend weekly visits from 36 weeks in preparation for labour and delivery.

The following can be safely and effectively treated using Acupuncture

♥ Threatened Miscarriage
♥ Fatigue
♥ Morning Sickness
♥ Musculoskeletal Pain
♥ Pregnancy Induced Hypertension
♥ Gestational Diabetes
♥ Stress & Anxiety
♥ Oedema
♥ Breech & Posterior Presentation
♥ Labour Preparation
♥ Pain Relief during labour