Fertile Life Method – 3 Day Interactive Seminar




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Broaden Your Understanding of Treating Fertility

Gain more confidence in your treatment and the way you think and feel.

However things are for you right now, they can be better.

  • Are you a seasoned fertility practitioner?
  • Are you looking to increase your success rate?
  • Do you want to learn more about fertility?
  • Are you a new practitioner?
  • Do you need to know everything about fertility?
  • Do you want to gain confidence in your fertility practice?

Or are you somewhere in between?

It doesn't matter which is the case ... it can always be better. 

You can always learn more, become a better practitioner, gain more knowledge and confidence.

All it takes is that one decision, one feeling that you want to know more and a little bit of know-how and that's where I come in….

Hi I'm Kirsten Wolfe and I have been successfully treating fertility for over 22 years, solely treating fertility for 17 years.

I have also trained many of the fertility acupuncturists in Australia & NZ.

My passion is helping babies come in to the world, for me there is nothing better!  Let me share my years of clinical experience with you so we can help more couples & singles achieve their dream of a child

I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone wishing to know about treating fertility with a systematic approach in clinic. This is not a course on theory but one which you can instantly apply to your clinic. In addition, ongoing support with the Facebook forum and the Dropbox information is invaluable - Kirsten has not held back any information. She is an engaging and passionate teacher who clearly loves what she does and wants to impart her knowledge to others. This is by far the best seminar I have attended.

Broaden and deepen your understanding for treating fertility.

Learn the FERILE LIFE Detective System

Know fertility inside out – know why your patient can’t get pregnant and the precise steps to achieve pregnancy.

Build great patient relationships fast - and improve the ones you have.

Become more confident and develop your own uniqueness as a fertility practitioner.

We'll be covering a lot of ground, and doing so in a fairly practical, straight-talking, no-nonsense way. You will develop solid skills and knowledge throughout this course to treat fertility successfully, which you can utilise at your earliest convenience.

A little word on the content of the seminar…

What the seminar will help you learn, understand and integrate into your practice.

  • Knowing fertility inside out, back to front and upside down!
  • Knowing exactly why your patient is “infertile”.
  • How to treat from Shen to Shen - trusting yourself, building rapport and gathering information easily.
  • Understanding the menstrual cycle and hormones.
  • Gathering all the correct information from your patient – seeing what is being missed.
  • BBT charting and how to use as a diagnostic tool in your practice.
  • Basic Fertility Blood tests – which ones are needed and how to interpret them.
  • IVF and Chinese medicine – non-protocol knowledge and the latest advancements in IVF
  • Treatment of female infertility as a speciality.
  • Overview Immunology and Recurrent Miscarriage 
  • Gynaecological conditions - PCOS, Ammenorhea, Ashermans etc
  • Luteal phase defect
  • Male Infertility - covering all aspects of this important topic.

What the seminar won’t be about.

  • Acupuncture Research Protocols
  • Chinese medicine history of fertility
  • Herbs for fertility

Expert Knowledge and Wisdom

The Fertile Life™ Method has been built around Chinese Medicine, the latest clinical research and the teams 50+ years of combined experience of working with couples trying to conceive. It provides both couples and individuals who have been experiencing primary and secondary infertility, whether through IVF or trying to conceive naturally, with a comprehensive program of natural treatment options to conceive and achieve a successful pregnancy.

Kirsten Wolfe

My teaching style is practical, straightforward , engaging and fun.

Hi, I'm Kirsten Wolfe the director of Mornington Chinese Medicine, an acupuncture only clinic and I'm honoured to work with a team of 8 talented Acupuncturists.

After successfully treating fertility for over 17 years, The Fertile Life™ method was designed by me, it is an accumulation of my study, clinical experience and unique knowledge.

My practice solely focuses on treatment of Reproductive and Women’s health conditions such as infertility (natural and IVF), pregnancy, pre birth, labour and post natal.This has allowed me to become extremely knowledgeable in the field of fertility. Known as “the baby maker” by my patients and professional colleges. I have treated thousands of couples and helped them conceive from the easiest cases to the most difficult where I was their last chance.

I have built a strong reputation on the Mornington Peninsula in gynaecology and fertility providing optimum patient care pre and post natal alongside midwives, gynaecologists, obstetricians and IVF specialists. I have trained under Fertility experts such as Randine Lewis (The Fertile Soul Method), Brandon Horne, Yaron Seidman, Jane Lyttleton and Debra Betts, plus I attended the Integrative Fertility Symposium in Vancouver with over 18 presenters this year. This has built a vast knowledge of Chinese Reproductive Medicine.

Feedback from other Practitioners that have attended training by Kirsten Wolfe.

I've just completed The Fertile Life 3 day course in Brisbane 2016. Kirsten Wolfe is by far the most open and honest presenter I have had the experience of learning from, and she truly wants to help everyone who attends this course improve their treatment of fertility patients so that we can all as acupuncturists together, have the same success that she has with her patients. I believe the way in which Kirsten presents her course is really well done. I found 3 days of the Fertile Life course to be far easier to stayed focused in than any other 2-3 hour seminar I've been to before. The honesty and free sharing of her experiences and how she does things was extremely refreshing. I highly recommend taking this course no matter what level you're at when it comes to treating fertility patients. Thanks so much for your time and guidance Kirsten. Jon Rose - Brisbane

Jon Rose
B.HSc (Acupuncture)

I came away from Kirsten's Fertile Life Seminar not only armed with the tools to be a "fertility detective" and the ability to confidently begin to apply that in my practice, but also with the inspiration to achieve the levels of success in fertility cases that Kirsten achieves on a daily basis in her practice, through her years of perseverance in developing a unique, and complete system of awakening the body's innate potential of fertility through the principles of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Functional Medicine, NLP, Nutritional Supplementation and Dietary Principles.

I was also very impressed with Kirsten's solid grasp of NLP, and patient-practitioner interaction skills that enable her to directly connect with patients instantly, and appropriately, based on their unique individual needs. This is a skill that all practitioners should aspire to bring into their practice to transform the lives of their patients.

A must attend for all practitioners and students wishing to improve their results in clinic overall, and particularly in the sphere of natural fertility

Peter Scarselletti
B. App. Sci (TCM) | Director of Qiology

This seminar far exceeded my expectations. As a student, I now feel confident in treating a wide range of womens' health issues relating to fertility and am looking forward to using the knowledge gained into my clinical practice treatments. The resources and mentoring group are greatly appreciated and will aid in treating future fertility patients. Thank you.

Acupuncture student

I have attended one of Kirsten's seminars and found her lecturing style to be informed and engaging. Not only that, I have been fortunate enough to work with Kirsten as my mentor in a clinical setting.

She is a supportive and encouraging teacher and her knowledge base in the area of women's health and fertility is world class. Learning Kirsten's Fertile Life Method has completely transformed my practice, and I highly recommend anyone working in the area of fertility to take this opportunity to learn from her.

Anna McMullen
B.HSc (Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine)

I loved Kirsten's seminar, I came back to my clinic motivated and with some new strategies I hadn't tried before. After attending to a lot of seminars on the subject its difficult to find new ways that have been tried and work instead of research that is often difficult to put into practice and often boring!

I am also amazed at the generosity and the huge amount of documents shared by Kirsten. I would highly recommend this seminar. Thank you Kirsten.


"Thank you so much for such an incredibly inspiring, passionate, dedicated, wise, brilliant seminar! I could have done days more! You made the hours feel like seconds. I loved every bit. I went straight back to my clinic confident, clear, excited and immediately put the new knowledge I had gained into practice. Thank you."

"Kirsten presented herself. Human, relatable and modern.. Not some boring old stiff reading from a text that is 100 year old. She gave real life examples and told it how it is."

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What You Will Learn Each Day.

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3

Introduction – Covering the Fertile Life Method

Fertility Detective Work - This is the framework underlying all of The Fertile Life Method. Being able to clearly explain to your patient exactly why they are not fertile, in both Western and Chinese Medicine terms. You will be able to clearly define the best treatment principles, options and treatment duration. This is the core of the Fertile Life Method.

How to treat from Shen to Shen - trusting yourself, your knowledge and unique treatment style – be ready to explore your thinking in creative new ways with NLP.

Male Reproductive Health – With male fertility is on the decline especially in the last few years. It is paramount when treating fertility that you know how to read sperm test and treat males. We will cover male anatomy and physiology, causes of male infertility, physiology of sperm production, interpreting semen analysis, IVF and supplementation advice, understanding the importance of compliance in lifestyle advice, male fertility detective work. 

Questions and Answers Time

Female Reproductive Health - We will go over this briefly, it is always good to go back to basics. Female anatomy and Physiology, conception, Understanding the menstrual cycle and hormones and HPO axis. Female reproductive health can be confusing, we will break it down making it simple to understand and balance. It takes two to make a baby, understanding this will give you the ability to treat, advise and refer on if needed.

Practicals – We are hands on practitioners so yes we will be enjoying doing practicals on each other! You will feel confident after the practicals and be ready to integrate your new knowledge into your practice immediately.

Fertile Life Method Seminar

Thank you so much for such an incredibly inspiring, passionate, dedicated, wise, brilliant seminar! I could have done days more! You made the hours feel like seconds. I loved every bit. I went straight back to my clinic confident, clear, excited and immediately put the new knowledge I had gained into practice. Thank you."

"Kirsten presented herself. Human, relatable and modern.. Not some boring old stiff reading from a text that is 100 year old. She gave real life examples and told it how it is.