New Year – A time of reflection


Feb 08

Time to reflect on 2016 and look toward 2017

Each New Year I like to take time out when the clinic is closed over the Christmas break and reflect on the past year.  It is a great idea to write down all your achievements & positive changes for the year, even the little ones.  Often we forget how much we actually do within a year.  My list was long with too much on and not enough holidays, something to change this year!

2016 was a big year for me both personally & professionally.  I ran my first professional 3 day seminar, teaching Acupuncturists my style of treating fertility – The Fertile Life Method.  I discovered how much I loved teaching and giving back to the Acupuncture community and ran two other seminar in Brisbane & Melbourne plus a webinar.  Brought my e-book to life and got hard copies printed.

Whilst I love teaching and will be training more Acupuncturist this year, my real passion lies in treating my patients and helping them on the journey to parenthood.  Last year was full of many many positive pregnancies and new little souls to cuddle.  Lots of these journeys were not an easy road, tough on emotions and relationships yet over and over again I am blessed to see those who stick to the program become parents.  There is nothing better in this world than helping a couple achieve their dream of parenthood.

We welcomed two new practitioners to the clinic Elli & Lauren and said goodbye to Britt who had her gorgeous baby girl.  You may have also noticed the clinic has gotten a make over during the break with a fresh coat of paint and new colours!

I am not big on social media and this year I have chosen to embrace the challenge to blog more often and on a regular basis.  So stay tuned to learn all about your fertile body, pregnancy, birth plus some exciting news for patients later in the year.

Kirsten Wolfe
Director|Principle Acupunctuirst