NLP & Fertility


For some woman getting pregnant is simply not as easy as it is for others. For many couples there are no medical reasons why they should not conceive naturally but it still feels as though something is in the way.

NLP works on the premise that the mind can and does have a powerful influence over the body and that, as a consequence, blocks within the mind can cause blocks within our bodies. Such mechanisms within the mind may be imperceptible to us as we go about the routines of our daily lives but may well be the very thing that is upsetting the delicate balance required for natural conception.

Using NLP, practitioners can work with individuals or couples, firstly in an exploration to see if any such blocks exist and then to help shift them to make conditions much more favourable for pregnancy.

Your thoughts and feelings have a direct influence on your physical body, your biology. Given the delicate and precise cocktail of hormones required for healthy ovulation, conception, implantation and pregnancy, you can begin to see how your thoughts and emotions can impact this quite dramatically. How strongly do you believe you can become pregnant? What is the level of your doubt after any number of negative test results? How stressed do you feel? All these things could be having an impact on your fertility. NLP can have a profound effect; changing a couple’s attitude as well as freeing up the psychological and physical mechanisms to re-establish the healthy balance required for natural conception.

If you have been trying to get pregnant for a while and have been told by medical professionals that there is no physical reason why you should not conceive naturally then NLP may well be able to help. Even if you have only recently started trying for a baby, or if you are already undergoing IVF treatment, NLP may help to improve your chances of becoming pregnant. All you need is an open mind and a genuine desire to explore the way you think and feel about pregnancy, the rest should follow quite naturally.

What is NLP?
NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) is a powerful tool for identifying and changing the habitual patterns of behaviour that affect all of us. As we learn about the world around us we build associations between experiences, things that we see, hear and feel. Through this process of learning we can become stuck with certain thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and feelings that can be counter-productive.

For example, someone who has initially tried getting pregnant and not been successful for a few months may form a belief that it is “hard to get pregnant”. They may start to feel negative about the monthly cycle of trying and failing to conceive. They might start to think negatively about themselves, feeling that they are doing something wrong or th there is something wrong with them. Equally a man who blames himself for his partner not getting pregnant might feel guilty when he sees the negative effect that it is having on her. Over the long term, the repetition of negative patterns can limit our range of possible responses so we no longer have choice in how we deal with the events that happen in our lives. One of the principles of NLP is that “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got!” In other words, if you want something different, do something different.

NLP works by breaking down and shifting negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours so that you can respond in more positive ways. Through the use of well established techniques that will be uniquely tailored to your own needs, NLP provides you with choice in how you respond to any situation.

Rather than believing that it is “hard to get pregnant” you can start to believe that “working towards pregnancy is intimate and enjoyable”. Associations with negative feelings around the monthly cycle can be broken and replaced with more positive associations. A healthier approach to the way you think and feel about conception and pregnancy creates a healthier body in which to create a new life.

Is NLP for me?
🙄 Are you obsessing about getting pregnant?
🙄 Is pregnancy all that you are focusing on?
🙄 Are you jealous when you see other pregnant women?
🙄 Are you stressed from the treatments?
🙄 Do you think life isn’t fair?
🙄 Are the IVF drugs making you feel crazy or emotional?
🙄 Do you think you should be pregnant by now?
🙄 Do you think pregnancy will never happen?
🙄 Are you thinking negatively?
🙄 Do you think less of yourself because you have been unable to conceive?
🙄 Is your relationship with your partner suffering as a result of fertility issues?
🙄 Do you feel hopeless and alone on your fertility journey?
🙄 Is your sex life becoming mechanical?

Have you answered yes to three or more of these questions?
If so, a fertility coach can help you find acceptance, peace and the inspiration and desire to positively continue your fertility journey.

Not all NLP practitioners are alike!  So who does Fertile Life™ recommend?

Paul Mishel –
We recommend anyone that has trained internationally acclaimed trainer James Tsakalos, Paul Mischel or Amy Bell.