Birth Attendant – Doula

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Creating Better Births


A Birth Attendant also known as a Doula is a woman with experience and knowledge in the birth process and birthing environments. She gets to know you during your pregnancy, becomes familiar with your pregnancy health history and birth wishes and offers continuous physical and emotional support for the duration of your labour. She is a non – medical presence and does not over ride decisions made by a Midwife or Obstetrician. Having a strong supportive birth team creates a space in which a woman can access her birthing potential and birth wishes.


Kerry Marshall is a Woman’s Health, Fertility and Pregnancy Acupuncturist at MCM. Having attended births in the UK for her patients she went on to become a Doula and developed further skills to support women during pregnancy, labour and beyond birth. She is a strong advocate for women’s rights to information and choice in pregnancy and birth. Kerry is passionate about creating awareness and education in birth preparation, birth planning and healing post birth.

Kerry is happy to discuss if birth attending is right for you by phone, email or during an acupuncture session at MCM.

Birth Attending Service $900

    Fee schedule
    –  $200 non – refundable booking fee
    –  $300 by 32 weeks
    –  $400 by 38 weeks


Initial free meeting
Minimum two prenatal meetings, allowing time to get to know you and your partner, discussion of birth wishes, concerns, questions and birth preparation including teaching acupressure for labour to partners
Email and phone contact throughout pregnancy
Information, resources and birth planning
On call 24 hours from 38 weeks
Support for the duration of your labour and couple of hours post birth once you and your baby are settled
Acupuncture in labour if required and if requested
One post natal visit and debriefing of birth
One post – natal treatment, if requested, including acupuncture, moxibustion and massage
Access to a back up birth attendant

Acupuncture sessions are recommended in clinic weekly from 36 weeks for birth preparation at an additional cost.