Fertile Life eBook



STOP…if you want to know how to fix your fertility!

Save yourself the days of trawling the internet for answers and get everything you need to know is compiled in this easy to read eBook.

The Fertile Life eBook is a clear, concise, practical, no-nonsense and proven method for conceiving your baby. But, it’s not just about conceiving. It’s about first creating the best possible version of yourself and your partner.

Kirsten Wolfe and her team have treated thousands of women for fertility issues, and given them the Fertile Life they long for. Whether trying to conceive naturally or via assisted conception, the Fertile Life method shows you how to implement Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, diet and lifestyle into your conception journey, to achieve your healthiest and most balanced self. Only then will you be able to grow the healthiest baby you can.

There is no quick fix. There is only patience, time and dedication by you and your partner. The Fertile Life outlines how to do this. Follow the Fertile Life Method and dare to hope for your healthy baby.

Known as “the baby maker” Kirsten has treated thousands of couples and helped them conceive from the easy case to the most difficult cases, where she was their last chance.

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