The Art of Cone Moxibustion– 2 Day Interactive Seminar

Properly performed, cone moxibustion can be one of the most powerful tools in the acupuncturist’s tool kit. This 2-day workshop, will provide participants with a thougher foundation in the theory and clinical uses of both small and large cone moxibustion.


Facilitated by Paul McLeod


Why would you want to attend this seminar?

The Art of Moxibustion is an hands on seminar where you will learn some of the  most practical and powerful applications of Moxibustion. These include large cone moxibustion known as Chinetsu kyu, or heat perception moxibustion and Tonetsu Kyu, or rice grain moxibustion. You will be able to implement these immediately into your practice after the seminar.

We'll be covering a lot of ground, and doing so in a fairly practical, hands on, no-nonsense way. You will develop solid skills and knowledge throughout this seminar, which you can utilise within your clinic right away.

Participants will easily & effectively learn:

  • Brief history of moxibustion, focusing on cone moxibustion methods
  • Learn the importance of eliciting your client's values at the initial intake interview and unlock the power of creating a values aligned approach to treatment.
  • The theory and clinical applications of cone moxibustion
  • How to roll and safely apply both small and large cone moxibustion to your patients
  • The challenges of using cone moxibustion and practical solutions that will protect your health, the health of your patients and keep you safe from litigation
  • Moxibustion protocols for the most common conditions you see in clinic, including;
  • Female fertility and sexual health protocols
  • Digestive health protocols
  • General health and longevity protocols
  • Protocols for the treatment of common types Musculo-skeletal disorders

Who is Paul McLeod and why should I study moxa with him?

Paul McLeod

Paul began studying Chinese medicine in 1995. In 1996, he became fascinated with cone moxibustion. At this time, there was very little information about moxibustion available in English, let along any quality information about cone moxibustion. Paul soon found himself studying with Alan Jansson on the Gold Coast and for the next few years, he spent a great deal of time practicing moxibustion on his teacher’s patients. In those days, the focus of Paul’s moxa work was very much on small and large cone moxibustion, but he also spent a lot of time working with needle head moxibustion and various forms of platform moxibustion as well. 

In 1999, Paul went on to spend several years in Tokyo, studying with Edward Obaidey. The nature of study in those days meant that apprentices got to spend a great deal of time rolling and applying small and large cone moxibustion on patients, while their teachers applied the needles. This was fabulous for Paul and provided him with an enormous amount of practical experience applying moxibustion.

Paul returned to Australia 2002 and started practicing in Queensland, where he took his moxa work to the next level, running a moxibustion clinic in Southport for several years. In this clinic, Paul specialising in cone moxibustion treatment and, at the same time, worked on a B.A. (Hons) at Griffith University, focusing on the work of the famous 20th century, cone moxibustion master, Fuakaya Isaburo. 

During his time at Griffith University, Paul produced an 80,000 word dissertation on moxibustion. This dissertation became the foundation of a 5 part, moxibustion seminar/workshop series that Paul presented in various formats at local and international conferrences and private seminar/workshops. 

 The Art of Cone Moxibustion workshop is based on Paul’s dissertation, the practice manual that emerged from it, plus the 20 odd years of teaching and clinical experience Paul has added to his tool kit since graduating from Griffith University


5th & 6th Nov 2022
Australian Shiatsu College

13-14th Aug 2022
Location TBC

CPD Points and Learning Environment

14 CPD points.

We are keeping numbers limited to ensure time for practicals.

We are passionate about learning, and understand  that you all learn differently, so bring a cushion, small bean bag, blankets or whatever makes you comfortable. We learn the most when we have an open mind to new and different ways to do things.

Cancellation / Refund Policy

Cancellations made within 14 days prior to the event are non-refundable.

Cancellations made before the above-mentioned deadline are refundable, less a 15% administration fee.

Cancellations made within 1 week of initial booking, greater than 30 days prior to the event are entitled to a full refund, less transaction fees.

In the event of non-attendance for a course paid partially or in full, no refund will be given.