Fertility Practitioners

Are you looking for expert knowledge and experienced fertility practitioners?

You can put your trust in our hand picked, compassionate and caring team.

Our practitioners are all qualified Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine and have extensive postgraduate training and experience in Chinese Reproductive Medicine and IVF support and are trained in the Fertile Life Method. You can be assured you’re are in the best possible hands on your fertility journey.

We believe in integrative care with Western Medicine, we work alongside your other health care providers, including your IVF specialist.

Kirsten Wolfe

Dr Kirsten Wolfe

Kirsten Wolfe is the principle acupuncturist and founder of The Fertile Life Method as well one of the founders of Mornington Chinese Medicine. Her passion for Women’s Health and a culmination of studying natural healing techniques over the past 20 years, gives Kirsten a unique understanding of the human body and spirit.

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Jan Woodcock

Jan’s specialist field of interest is in women’s health and infertility for both men and women. Jan has extensive experience in this field of health, and uses both modern and traditional approaches for a range of conditions. These include reproductive problems with IVF, unexplained infertility, natural fertility, recurrent miscarriage, period pain, endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome and imbalance during menopause.

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Kerry Marshall

Dr Kirsten Wolfe

Kerry says, “For over ten years I have treated women and couples through their fertility journeys, pregnancy and beyond. Working alongside western medical professionals I have found an integrated approach to health care works best for the patient. I am constantly inspired by my patient’s journey to become parents, especially as they continue on through difficulty with integrity and strength. I love to support this journey with kindness, respect and expert advice”.

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Anna McMullen

Anna McMullen

Providing natural fertility treatments and IVF support are a passion of Anna’s. She has seen firsthand how effective Chinese medicine is in these areas and loves to share this information with her patients. When treating infertility, Anna provides an integrative approach by combining Chinese medicine, with its in depth understanding of women’s health; with the western biomedical approach.

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Lauren Young

Britt Robinson

Lauren has a strong passion for Women’s Health in all areas and has developed this side of her practice including studying under Kirsten Wolfe in THE FERTILE LIFE MEHTOD. Treating women and teenagers with a range of conditions, physical and emotional, including PCOS, Endometriosis, Adenomyosis and Menstruation irregularities to name a few and believes that often physical and emotional issues go hand in hand. Lauren therefore often treats multiple issues within a treatment session.

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