250 Million Sperm and only a few dozen actually make it to the egg!!


Aug 28

Did you know that out of millions of sperm only a few dozen make it to the egg – and that’s is your sperm is at optimum not just passing reference range of 4% morphology.

The infertility rate here in Australia is estimated to be one in six couples. In 40 – 45% of these cases, male infertility is found to be a contributing factor. However, the focus on fertility treatments always seems to be skewed towards treating the female partner.
Marketing of fertility treatments is usually directed at women, reminding them that the clock is ticking. Even in IVF, a lot of stress is placed on the woman to follow strict schedules. Somewhere along the line, it has been forgotten that men play an equally important role in conception.

The Journey of the Winning Sperm

Do not underestimate the power that you have to take control of your fertile heath. Small health and lifestyle changes will make a huge difference.

Be proactive and follow these simple rules:

  • → Wear Boxer Shorts – the testes require a slightly lower body temperature for successful sperm production, which is why they hang away from the body in the scrotum.
    → NO spa or hot tub – we don’t want to cook the sperm.
    → NO Laptops on your Lap or mobile phone in your pocket – Men sitting with their legs together and working on a laptop computer can rise the temperature by up to 2.8 degrees celsius.
    → NO smoking or use of recreational drugs – (e.g., marijuana, cocaine, and ecstasy) as they reduce sperm count and can cause abnormal sperm morphology (shape).
    → No alcohol – as consumption is associated with a decrease in the percentage of normal sperm.
    → No coffee or caffeine drinks – they impair the penetration rate of sperm
    → Eat organic or local farmer’s market vegies
    → Drink 2 litres of Water a day – Staying well hydrated is one of the largest single factors which contributes to the volume of sperm a man excretes during orgasm. It is also crucial to stay well hydrated if you want to make sure your semen fluency texture, and consistency all stay within healthy parameters. If you are a heavy caffeine
    or alcohol drinker it’s very easy to become dehydrated. Most people don’t realize
    how detrimental the effects of these drugs are on hydration and sperm production.
    → Eat a healthy, well balanced diet – dietary fats (eggs, avocados, olive oil etc.),
    protein and vegetables are the building blocks of healthy sperm.
    → Vitamin supplements – if you aren’t getting proper nutrition from your food, then you need to take supplements, including; Zinc, Selenium, Folic Acid/B complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Omega-3 EFA (fish oil), Male multivitamin/ mineral, Co-Enzyme Q10.
    → Ejaculate regularly – every 2-3 days keep the production of sperm fresh. Not being able to ejaculate enough can lower your sperm count.
    → Have good sex – need we say more?
    → Reduce stress – start a relaxing project, walking, massage, acupuncture, a relaxing sport such as golf, swimming, surfing or fishing. Water sports also tend to keep the testes cool.
    → Avoid bike riding for long distances – anything longer than 20 minutes at a time
    → Exercise – 2.5 hours a week is considered optimal. Gentle, yet effective exercise that is appropriate for you. You do not need to do crazy marathons and cross-fit work-outs. Fitness does not necessarily equal good health. Find whatever you are congruent with – swimming, surfing, running, walking, yoga… Get moving.
    → Sleep – sleep heals and regenerates the body. Eight hours at night is optimal, and small rests in the day (between 11am and 1pm) are also considered ideal.
    → Avoiding pesticides and chemicals – where possible for example; hair dye, chemical household or industrial cleaners, garden sprays, and paint fumes, strong perfumes.
    → Become Well – poor sperm quality is just one of many signs that you are not in good health. This is about vibrancy. Are you thriving in your life? Or surviving? What is your bliss, are you following it? If you look at yourself as a whole, then maybe you won’t need all those other medications.
    → SUPPORT YOUR PARTNER – she too will most likely need to make certain changes
    in her diet and lifestyle. Do you know what these are?